morbidly beautiful

A beautiful dinner set out for two

To celebrate Valentine’s Day with you

The candles are lit, the wine is poured

The mood is set, a lovely evening in store

The front door opens and you’ve arrived

Rose petals laid out to be your guide

But once false move set the fire alight

Reaching out to everything in sight

And so it began, a beautiful nightmare

Destructive and lovely, spreading everywhere

I grasp you, my lover, and hold you tight

As the fire consumes our enchanting night

The flames lick your face as I stare on in horror

I pull you closer, we huddle in the corner

I’ve waited too long but with my last breath

I whisper the words before we meet our death

The diamonds glitter in the dancing fire

We screech harmoniously, a macabre choir

The ring slides easily on your bony finger

Our love will be the only thing left to linger

I lean into you for one last kiss

But our teeth clash without any lips

The flesh has melted from your face

Ivory bones left in its place

A horrible caricature of the woman you’d been

But your beauty still radiates from within

Our skeletal frames are entangled now and forever

A morbidly beautiful Valentine’s endeavor


 Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

© Chelsie Cummings 2017



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