I’ve kept too many secrets for you, I’ve held my tongue too many times

I have to pour it out somehow, whether orally or through my rhymes

Before I suffer for your indiscretions

From the secrets like nasty infections

They’re like acid, slowly burning a hole

My silence is costing me my sanity, my soul

I trusted you and in my back I found a knife

You’ve brought this darkness back into my life

I did everything to escape it, now I’m on the defense

I’m so disgusted by your presence, I trusted you around my kids

I want you out of my life, I want you gone, I want you away

The bridge is burned, the ashes buried, there’s nothing you can say

You’ve crossed the wrong line, there’s never any going back

Forgiveness isn’t an option, this was more than a personal attack

You don’t even understand what you’ve done to me

But my anger is palpable enough for the world to see

I won’t keep your secrets anymore, I won’t be your confidante ever again

I refuse to allow you to drag me back to where the darkness began


© Chelsie Cummings 2017



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