when darkness comes

At the end of the day, when darkness comes

The ache in my soul reawakens

I can feel it deep in the hollow of my bones

All optimism is drained, is taken


I’m too weakened to fight off this demon

So instead I lay in isolation

She crawls into my flesh devouring who I am

Poisoning me with hopelessness and desolation


When the tears come streaming from my eyes

I feel them run rivulets pooling on my pillow

I can smell the coppery bitter tang of my blood being exposed

But I’m paralyzed, powerless to staunch the flow


My skin flakes away, my muscles ripped from my joints

My body perishing in a moment of spontaneous combustion

I’m freed from the chains of my skeletal being

No longer confined to the cage of mortal corruption


My soul dances into the flock of shadows of the night

They’ve been waiting for me, calling out to me

The demon has contaminated my soul, she has distorted my vision

The shadows aren’t what they’re made out to be


Their venomous claws rake at what’s left of me

Tearing apart my very identity

There’s no fighting back, I’ve simply given in

I’m losing myself to their iniquity


There’s no light waiting at the end of the tunnel

I’m wholly tattered, fully consumed

They’ve stolen all that was left of who I am

The only pulse left is that of the darkness in the room


My weakness, my failure becomes my plight

My very silence an unbreakable vow

I’m weary, I’m broken, I’m nothing

I belong to the darkness now



© Chelsie Cummings 2016


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