WE are all one people. I feel like we should all take a moment to remember what it means, what it REALLY means to be an American, to be UNITED.


There’s so much hate in this world, so much violence and disrespect
There are too many victims we don’t see, some we choose to neglect
Turning a blind eye doesn’t make it go away, make it any less real
We’re just denying it, putting up a guard so we don’t have to feel

But it’s time to face the facts, really look at the world in which we live
It’s time to really see, open the eyes in our hearts and be more cooperative
We need to help those in need, give a lending hand to our neighbors
To stop the selfishness, do things because it’s right, rather than for favors

Forget race and creed and gender and sexual orientation
We are all American, we all live together in one nation
It’s time to be united, no more division, set aside differences of beliefs
Our country is in pain, she’s weeping, it’s time we give her some relief

We’ve been born and breed under the same flag, under the same laws
We’re all one people, though we’ve lived different lives, we all share flaws
We all struggle every day, the mighty and the powerful, the weak and the poor
We all deserve respect, we vary on the surface, but are the same at the core

No more violence, no more victims, more love and less hate
It’s time to take back our country, remember what made this nation so great
We are freedom, we are equality, we are the Good Samaritan
It’s time to really remember what it means to be an American 🇺🇸

© Chelsie Cummings 2016

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