false assurances

Why do I keep falling for your lies

When all you ever do is make me cry

You’re so mean and so cruel

I’m so naïve and such a fool

Tell me what I need to hear

Hold me close, exploit my fears

And then I’m yours for a moment more

With promises and sorry’s that I abhor

I hate how much I love you

How much I feel I need you, too

I hate how I can’t just walk away

How you’re always standing in my way

What goes around comes back around

You won’t always be able to keep me bound

I don’t get to choose if I’ll hurt in this life

Pain is inevitable; suffering is an optional strife

I want to break free of the chains that confine me

I no longer want to let this relationship define me

So many years of my life belong to us

But I can’t go on with the hurt and mistrust

I’m gathering my courage to finally say goodbye

No more laughing at me when I cry

No more disrespect and callousness

I will no longer stand by idly fatuous

I’ve prepared this speech so I can finally face you

Maybe I was hoping for you to change, at least rue

But instead you force feed me false assurances

Testing whether I have the endurance for this

And once again I’m drawn back in by foolhardy hope

Desperately clinging to you on this slippery slope

© Chelsie Cummings 2016

Featured Photo found on Flickr.

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