authors & inspirations

Barclay, Gardner, Nesbo, Hill and King, his father,

These are a few of my favorite authors! 🎶

(Listening to Sound of Music when I wrote that line!)

When I was younger, I absolutely (there’s that word again) adored Beverly Cleary.* If it so much as had her name on it, I knew I had to read it. I remember in elementary school, we were asked to do a project/presentation of sorts about our favorite person. While others chose Mom, Dad, siblings, I chose Beverly Cleary. From Beezus and Ramona to Ralph S. Mouse, I read every one of her books I could get my hands on.

*Side note: Mrs. Cleary celebrated her 100th birthday in April this year!

It’s safe to say that as much as I enjoyed Beverly Cleary as a girl, my preference in authors has changed quite a bit.

As a “young adult” (well, teenager really) I was fond of Ellen Hopkins, particularly her Crank series. What drew me to her was her poetic style of writing. Every page in her novels is a poem in itself. She inspired my poetry as a brooding young person.

Now, here I am in adulthood (still working on whether that’s a good thing or bad thing) and my proclivity sways towards the likes of Stephen King (if that wasn’t obvious yet), Joe Hill, Linwood Barclay, Lisa Gardner, and Jo Nesbo. I’ve had the pleasure of literally reading every book (full-length novel) by each of these authors. With the exception of Stephen King. Still making my way through his 65+ books!

I fell in love with Joe Hill’s N0S4A2 (review coming soon!) and couldn’t get enough of his writing from there. Linwood Barclay’s humorous Zack Walker drew me in—his character development kept me enraptured. Lisa Gardner and Jo Nesbo kept their crime thrillers realistic, authentic, and interestingnever repetitive even after several books in their respective series’s. And of course, there’s the infamous Mr. King. I was captivated by It and Salem’s Lot; and I’m currently reading End of Watch (the third in his Bill Hodges trilogy).

I’ve developed a higher appreciation for the art of novelists’ writings; for their individual quirks and hearing their unique voices in every word. Each of these authors have stood out to me for those reasons and many more; but I won’t bore you with excessive praise! I could go on all day about the greatness of these authors, but instead I’ll just highly recommend them.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for recommendations! I’m happy to oblige. There’s nothing more I enjoy than discussing a quality novel!

© Chelsie Cummings 2016

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