digital vs. print

This is probably an overused topic, but it’s pertinent to me, so here’s my spin on it.

I absolutely love my iPad (I also say absolutely a lot, so bear with me). I can immediately give three reasons, without thinking, why using the Kindle app on my iPad is so awesome:

1. It’s convenient; especially when you’re around children 24/7. I can bookmark a page without worrying about the bookmark falling out. I don’t have to stress out over one the kids tearing pages in my book. I can highlight without a highlighter.* I don’t have to pause (as often) when I don’t know the meaning of or how to pronounce a particular word—built in dictionary!

*This is significantly important to me. I do NOT like marking up my paperbacks. I take the time to write out a quote in my notebook (not only do I have a list of words, but there’s a notebook of quotes!). For some reason, it seems blasphemous and disrespectful to me to write and highlight in a book. But by no means am I judging anyone who chooses to do that!

2. Light! I can read anytime of day or night and not worry about disturbing anyone with lights. No bedside lamp, overhead light, or book light necessary. I can just adjust the brightness on the screen, and I’m good to go!

3. Easy access. To books, that is. With my iPad, I’m only a couple of clicks away from the latest and greatest novel.* Not to mention, eBooks can be slightly cheaper—that whole paperless thing.

*This can also prove problematic because of my addiction to reading.

Pro Tip: I’ve downloaded OverDrive to access my library’s eBook collection. They don’t always have the newest, and there’s a wait for certain titles at times, but every penny saved counts!

As great as technology is, nothing beats sitting down with a good old-fashioned paperback; whether it’s the crispy, fresh pages of a brand new novel from Barnes & Noble or the worn, crinkly feel of a well-loved book from Half-Price Books. I can’t help but indulge in physically holding a good book in my hands from time to time. While an eBook can show you page numbers and percentages of the way through, it just feels more productive when you can see by the pages how far you’ve come in a book.

I said “feel” a few times, because that’s exactly what your choice is based on: feelings, both physical and sentimental. But if we’re really honest here, I don’t truly care what format my novel comes in, as long as I have a quality book to read, I’m good to go!



© Chelsie Cummings 2016

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