a moment in time

I don’t feel like doing anything today, and it’s not because I’m lazy

It’s because depression is so very dense and makes everything hazy

I’m mentally and emotionally heavily burdened

This overwhelming sensation leaves me feeling uncertain

I wish I could revisit this moment coming to mind

A moment that wasn’t so bad, when I had felt just fine

To simply relive that moment and make it last

To have the power to bring time to a standstill, an impasse

I want to escape to that moment and remember how it felt

To reexamine how I got here, understand the cards I’ve been dealt

But instead, I am here trapped forever in the right now

Dreaming, hoping, wishing I could elude time somehow

Yet each moment continues to slip from contemporary to past

And I stay here in the present mourning each moment I surpass

© Chelsie Cummings

Featured Photo found on Flickr.

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