;walk in the light

A creak in the gloom

A bump in the night

I step out of my dreams

And enter a plight


A tap on my shoulder

But as a I turn to see

I’m faced with no one

Just an expanse of trees


Branches’ claws grasp at me

Entangled in my hair

Yank at my limbs and clothes

Stripping me bare


Naked and exposed

Vulnerabilities on display

I try to make a run for it

But can’t seem to get away


I’m surrounded by darkness

Every which way I turn

I’m muted and blinded

By the thick trees and ferns


My mind is rejecting it, it can’t be real

What’s now in front of me

Based on the things

I’m preconditioned to believe


And yet I reach out my fingers

Grasping wisps of air

She levitates before me

Wind whipping her ghostly hair


The figure is striking

In a way that is familiar

The resemblance uncanny

I’m nothing but bewildered


I can’t help but stare in awe

Mouth agape and eyes wide

This can’t be possible…

Unless I have died


I reach my hands to my face

And it’s as if she’s my reflection

She moves with me simultaneously

She’s my spectral projection


A strong gust of wind

Suddenly knocks me off my feet

I’m floating up and up

There’s no ground underneath


She is there with me

We are now hand in hand

She guides me away

Toward light, from land


But I’m not ready to go

I’m not ready for the end

I have too much to do

So much left to mend


She whispers with her eyes

She tells me to let go

She says all will be okay

And I’ll know all I need to know


I release her hand

Or does she release mine?

I can see it now

Beyond the clouds, the Divine


I’m lifted up high

My soul is weightless

And I know I’m forgiven

That I am blameless


I’ve reached eternal life

I am filled with peace

Earthly worries have all passed

I’m finally at ease


Until I’m smacked back down

My weight suddenly dense

I’m falling back to earth

At a speed too intense


Instead of crashing, though

And shattering my fragile bones

My specter is there to catch me

And she carries me home


I awake with a gasp

And roll over in bed

I lay there quietly

And remember what she said


Let it go and all will be okay

I finally know what she meant

To find peace in my life

It’s time to forgive and repent


I make a vow to her

Laying in the cloak of night

I will release my grip on the past

And finally walk in the light



© Chelsie Cummings 2016

Featured photo found on Flickr.

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