but, do you love me?

I want to make you smile

I want to make you light up

I want to be worthwhile

I won’t give the fight up

I’ll fall on my knees and pray

I’ll fall at your feet and cry

I’ll say what I have to say

I’ll do what I have to try

I want to make you happy

I want to earn your love

I’ll write poems that are sappy

I’ll give you every star from up above

I’ll support you, cater to you

I’ll be everything you need

I respect you and I love you

I’d lay down my life and bleed

Can’t you see my devotion?

Why won’t you see my passion?

I’m in endless motion

I lay it all bare, in a naked fashion

I’m vulnerable and open

For you, I risk it all

I offer myself, evern the bits broken

And yet I still fall

And in free fall I wonder

Will you even catch me?

I don’t care if I go under

Without you, there’s no latching

All of me is in your palm

Hear my cry, hear my plea

I’m waiting here in the calm

I love you my dear, but do you love me?

© Chelsie Cummings 2016

Featured photo found on Flickr

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