A Love Letter to My Children

Now that I am a mom, Mother’s Day has a whole new meaning for me. I not only appreciate my mother who gave me life, but also my children who gave me a reason to live.

Chels Blog


Those long soft eyelashes and beautiful brown eyes

The crinkle in their corners when you begin to cry

Those chubby little cheeks and sweet little smile

The soft cute dimples when you giggle for awhile

The very first moment my eyes met yours

I fell into a love I’d never experienced before

Your tiny little body, so vulnerable and so frail

Lungs so strong for your very first wail

Impossibly small fingers wrapped around my relatively large one

Soft little lips formed a beautiful smile brighter than the sun

Those big doe eyes stared wondrously into my own eyes

I’m your whole world for this moment, for always you are mine

How do I put into words my love for you?

It’s purity and abundance makes it impossible to do

But know this, my dear, it will never end or falter

Growth and strength are the only ways it can alter

Fast forward: on pudgy legs you walk, clumsy and unsteady

You’ve let my hand go to do it on your own already

You’re so independent, so resilient, and so smart

You may not hold my hand, but always you hold my heart

Here’s to cartoons, Doc McStuffins and Scooby Doo

To overwhelming excitement when you learn something new

Here’s to diapers and potty training and rubber ducks at bath time

To throwing all your food and, still hungry, eating all of mine

Here’s to tickle fights and giggles and singing and dancing together

To prayers and stories before bedtime, may they last forever

Here’s to tears and tantrums and messes and silly fads

To every moment with you, through the good and the bad

Please, slow down, don’t grow up so fast

Your only young once, please make it last

As you grow older, remember, Mommy does too

One day you’ll outgrow even me, don’t make it too soon

So hold my hand a little longer, if only for another moment

I will cherish every touch, every kiss, every word you’ve spoken

I may squeeze too tight and hold on too long, but please try to understand

You’re only my baby for a little while, but I will always be your biggest fan

©  Chelsie Cummings 2016

Photo Graphic © Crystal Clear Photography 2016

(Featured photo found on Flickr)

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