I can’t concentrate on what’s in front of me

It’s like looking through a dirty lens

Everything’s blurry, I can’t register what I see

My mind is need of a mental cleanse


With jaded eyes I try to focus on the future

But it’s just a pit of despair waiting to swallow me

Instead I submerge heavily into this stupor

Stagnant, I fall into self loathing and wallowing


I’m so easily lost in the contours of my mind

It’s like a maze I can’t seem to weather

A thin thread is the only weak bind

Holding the pieces of me together


Tears hit my pillow echoing in the silence

Mocking me, reminding me of my heart’s ache

Laying with stillness, the quiet screams like sirens

The pang of loneliness becoming more than I can take


My soul is stained crimson by abandonment

I’m eternally left ostracized from my surroundings

Unable to fathom the justification of my banishment

I will forever suffocate in a seclusion that’s confounding


© Chelsie Cummings 2016

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