;black hole

i keep trying to release my soul from these chains

but as I snap one away a new slithers into its place

like a snake taking hold of its prey, it restrains

squeezing, constricting, leaving it all but effaced

a knotted mess of shackles overwhelming in sight

each link carrying its own burdensome weight

consumed by panic, the coils wrench too tight

suffocating my soul, inundating it with hate

i’ve lost this battle, blackness leaked into my heart

with every beat it makes and every breath i take

my veins collapse and my brain falls apart

my soul is entrapped, in a cage it can’t forsake

why do my eyes turn inward, looking away from the world?

they’re examining the darkness that’s devoured my soul

my body returns to fetal, my limbs securely furled

i’m everything and nothing, an abysmal black hole

© Chelsie Cummings 2016

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