My eyes are haunted by my past

The mirror to my soul reflects the pain

Depraved of innocence, lacking chaste

My mistakes and sins are an everlasting stain

I tried to run and can never hide

It always catches up in the end

Inescapable it clings to my pride

Breaking down barriers no matter how hard I defend

Demons haunt my every move

Leeches sucking on the suffering of my life

They wait and strengthen until I’ll finally lose

They feed on my misery and my strife

I’m drowning in contemplation

Gasping for air to reach my lungs

Everywhere I turn I face temptation

The ladder of escape has run out of rungs

Desperately reaching, aimlessly grasping

I’m looking for a way out

To every slip up their insistently latching

They’re feeding in my every doubt

I finally give in, there’s no other relief

Drained and withering I’m hollowed

I’ve lost all faith, my every belief

They’ve chewed my soul and swallowed

I’ve succumbed to the end

In death there’s peace

There’s nothing left to mend

If I give in, it will all finally cease. 

© Chelsie Cummings 2016

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