Love & Marriage

I was the happiest I’d ever been in my life

Until the day I made her my wife

I lost my bachelor’s and she got her master’s

I had to admit, I was a sorry bastard

Before, it was all hand holding and XOX in a text

Now if I say “crazy bitch,” it’s a challenge she accepts

She’d bat her eyelashes and blow me kisses before

Now she has looks that can kill, not the ones I married her for

When we first met, she had big boobs and long legs for days

Now she has long boobs and big legs, not that I’d say

Don’t even get me started on how she nags when I get home

And how she talks nonstop for hours on the phone

She goes on and on about cleaning up after myself

“Put your laundry in the basket,” she says, “and the books back on the shelf.”

I mean, she wasn’t even this clean when I met her

I’ll admit I’m bad, but she wasn’t any better

A word to the wise, one thing I’ve learned

Is that in every argument, she gets the last word

It’s more of her just yelling, not hearing my two cents

And if I speak after she’s done, it’s a whole new argument

But the scariest part is not knowing for sure if she’s mad

I mean, yelling is one thing, but silence is just bad

All that being said, she’s also unbelievably cute

And she’s always so tolerant when I’m being a brute

She takes her time standing in front of the mirror

She speaks incredibly loud even though I can hear her

Her tastes in movies is questionable at best

But when I’m with this woman I truly feel blessed

She has her quirks that I find quite adorable

Like when she answers questions meant to be rhetorical

I may sometimes complain and at times tease her

But I love this woman and would do anything to please her

Happy Valentines Day! 💕

© Chelsie Cummings 2016

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