Forever Be Mine

It was just another classic story of boy meets girl

But he didn’t know just how much she’d rock his world

She had long black hair and legs for days

He fell quickly in love and blind to her ways

She had big brown eyes he could stare into for hours

He was wrapped around her finger buying jewelry and flowers

He was transfixed by her, seemingly without cause

She was immaculate to him; he was unaware of her flaws

And this, unfortunately, would be his mistake

Because what he saw was only a masquerade

Just under the surface of all of her perfection

She hid a dark secret, not unlike an infection

In the recesses of her mind madness was brewing

No one would predict what she was thinking of doing

Until further notice she’d keep up the facade

And the poor oblivious boy remained in awe

But her mask began to slip; she was simply a wreck

And she just couldn’t help what would happen next

On the day in question, the boy was all smiles

He’d found the perfect gift after searching every aisle

The girl did her best to keep up her appearance

But the stormy weather outside ran interference

He showed up at her door, the gift for her in his hand

The anticipation was almost too much for him to stand

The door slowly creaked open before he could knock

When he saw her it was all he could do not to gawk

It was as if she had undergone a transformation

The poor boy couldn’t process the new information

She stood before him no longer in disguise

Baring all of her secrets, all of her lies

But he just shook his head; he stood in disbelief

She felt her burden lifted and was perfectly at ease

He made a dash for the door but she had locked him in

She wouldn’t let him off that easy; the fun was just about to begin

Later when the boy’s body was found, his face was frozen in fear

And someone had written in blood “Bloody Mary” on the bathroom mirror

The silly boy had summoned her but what he didn’t realize

Was she would fool him in such a way when he called her name three times

For the old legend says when you call out to meet her

She’ll show you your future lover or you’ll meet the reaper

But now as legend goes, she haunts with another

On the 14th of February, she’ll appear with her lover

The gift wasn’t with his body when he was found on Valentine’s

But whenever you see Mary she’ll have a ring engraved with “Be Mine”





©  Chelsie Cummings 2016

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