Tiny Seed

Tiny Seed


I started as a tiny seed

Not really amounting to anything

But over time I began to grow

Inside a dark place I knew as home


I grew more complex as time passed by

Sprouting fingers and toes and two round eyes

I began to hear, although I could not yet see,

Strange sounds and noises surrounding me


I easily found comfort in a steady thumping

A rhythmic pulsing coming from some thing

Many muffled voices penetrated my barrier

But most serene of all came from my carrier


My home became cramped as I flourished and bloomed

I couldn’t stay here much longer, the inevitable loomed

Before I knew it, the walls pushed in on me squeezing tight

I tried to shove them back out with all of my might


No matter how much I stretched myself, they would not stay in place

My home was collapsing around me; I began to seek an escape

It was then I saw the light and moved my way to it

The walls narrowed in and I barely got through it


I burst out of my home and into the light

It was cold and foreign and terribly bright

Air filled my lungs and I took my first breath

I screamed it all out until there was none left


But then the voice from my home that was so serene

Floated clearly to my ears, calling out to me

From her breast she fed me and I heard her heart beat

The sound so soothing I went right to sleep


My new home is louder and brighter and bigger

Adjusting to it is harder than I figured

But I have a Mommy and Daddy and a big brother

They call us a family and we all love one another


©  Chelsie Cummings 2016

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