Dance with the Devil

Dance with the Devil

It started as depression, deep in her bones

Pushing everyone away until she was alone

Then a spark ignited a glimmer of hope

Pulled her out of bed to seek ways to cope

First it was just a job, not of modest means

But exciting nonetheless for a girl of seventeen

A tiny little outfit and makeup on her face

Was enough to turn the heads of men of many tastes

She sought it out; she loved it, reveled in the attention

She didn’t care who they were and age was never mentioned

Promiscuity was a fad and drunken nights a must

She exchanged her meager earnings for greed and lust

Partying all night and sleeping all day

Her friends couldn’t keep up; she drove them all away

But this was an easy fix, finding new friends

She searched for some online: the beginning of her end

It was a little after midnight when they began to chat

She snuck out of the house and met him where he was at

They shared hushed laughs and whispers

Before long he reached out and kissed her

What came next, though, is what changed her life

A gamble on which she’d wish she didn’t roll the dice

First he showed her how it was done

Then he helped her get in on the fun

He pressed the pipe gently to her lips

And held a flame just under the tip

He instructed her to slowly inhale in the smoke

And she found herself seduced by this unusual toke

She stared into his eyes and opened up her mouth

Then sat and watched the white cloud billow out

The high was so intense it literally stole her breath

This was the moment she turned herself over to meth

At first it was just for fun, she didn’t demand it

And he introduced her around, her circle expanded

A few times here and a few times there,

She met with the devil when she had money to spare

But it wasn’t yet an addiction; she could take it or leave it

It was all just experimenting, she thought she’d never need it

After raving endless nights and disappearing for a while

Her parents finally intervened on their child

28 days later she was back in the world

Clean and sober but still the same girl

She quickly grew restless and at eighteen was an adult

She took that as her cue and decided to bolt

She ventured underground to a world she’d never seen before

And soon realized she could not simply just explore

This new life consumed her until she met the devil again

With no one left to trust meth became her only friend

Dirty strip clubs and seedy motels by the hour

Her body no longer her own, giving ice all the power

She lowered her standards and let down her guard

Resorting to doing anything, nothing considered too far

But it was always just out of reach, that next high

Smoking no longer enough to keep her satisfied

She sought out a new way to attain that euphoria

And what she soon found was all too glorious

The needle delivered ice straight into her veins

An almost brand new ecstasy she never hoped to obtain

She became almost comatose in a drug-induced stupor

She lost nearly everything to those trying to dupe her

Little by little she began to wither away

Shooting more and more trying to keep darkness at bay

This poor girl didn’t fully fathom, she was blind from the start

When you dance with the devil he steals away your heart

Too late she realized her life was tainted

The good times a façade the devil had painted

All those times she thought were good were nothing but lies

Every angel during her highs was the devil in disguise

She couldn’t stop or put it down, this much she knew

But she couldn’t do it anymore; she knew this to be true

With what little dignity she had left to muster

She made her choice; life had lost its luster

The razor blade was sharp, she pressed it until it pierced

And her wrists cried blood and her eyes bleed tears

She took the easy way out and gave up the fight

Waiting for freedom to take her into the night

The girl didn’t realize in this way the devil won

The devil always catches up, no matter how far you run

She was wrapped in the arms of the devil and he carried her to her death

Before her eyes closed one final time, she wished for one more hit of meth

©  Chelsie Cummings 2016

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