Deja Vu

Deja Vu

Laying by your side

Your kisses confide

On my skin, a secret

I easily keep it,

Our private embrace

Skin to skin, face to face

Tangled in sheets

Where our bodies meet

Our loneliest hour

Forgotten in the power

Of a rendezvous

Known only to me and you

But it is not love

That we speak of

But, rather, confess

That we’re a mess

In desperate need,

It’s clear to see,

For a simple touch

Neither asking too much

Beyond the other’s comfort

Of easing the hurt

But then it ends,

Just as it begins,

Laying by my self

Wanting something else

Calling you back

Knowing for a fact

It’s more than a distraction,

It’s mutual attraction

Then you’re at my door,

Asking me for more

I fall into your arms,

I fall for your charms

A shift in the tides

And I’m laying by your side…

©  Chelsie Cummings 2016

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