Dark Passenger

I really enjoyed writing this piece. Because it’s not a familiar format, I felt the need to explain that this poem flows like a regularly formatted poem with an additional quote when you read only the words aligned on the right, top to bottom. This was my first attempt at a format like this and I’m excited with how it turned out. Please enjoy and feel free to leave feedback!

*Update: I realized that if you read this on your phone it may not show the intended text aligned to the right. So, at the bottom I’ve added the “extra quote.” Hopefully you’ll be able to see it!

Dark Passenger



Wind whipping my hair around my face

Crisp, night air invading my space


Cheeks stained with bitter tears

Watered eyes blurring

all fears


Sixty, seventy, eighty, then ninety,

Speeding further away where she can’t

find me,


Penetrating my feelings, overriding

my thoughts

Fingers sinking into my soul, consuming all I’ve got


One hundred, one ten, one twenty, one thirty

Pushing the limit before she can

hurt me


Squeezing the wheel, pressuring the pedal

Fearing to slow and seeing the dust settle


But then,


Squealing brakes and releasing control

Hands floating down,

nothing to hold


Interlocking fingers, whispering prayer

Futile last efforts from a failure


Rubber painting the concrete black

Reaching out for her to take

me back




I know now I cannot run fast enough

She’s waiting for me, calling my bluff


Because we are one, I am fastened to her

She is a part of me; she is my dark passenger


At my surrender, she assumes dominance

Redirecting our route with influential prominence


I’ve lost all sovereignty in my defeat

Now darkness drives with me

in the passenger seat.

“All fears

Find me,

My thoughts 

Hurt me,

Nothing to hold 

Me back

In the passenger seat.”

©  Chelsie Cummings 2016


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